Odd Plants And Oddities For Odd People

Texas Triffid Ranch

The Texas Triffid Ranch is more than just a nursery for carnivorous, prehistoric, and otherwise exotic plants. The Triffid Ranch is also a resource for carnivorous plant enthusiasts\ and anyone interested in the particular challenges of attempting to grow unusual plants in the North Texas area.

Carnivorous plants on parade

Important notice: The Texas Triffid Ranch will be going on hiatus until May 2015. Details

The Next Triffid Ranch Lecture

Texas Frightmare Weekend - May 1-3, 2015 - DFW Airport, Texas.

What's Here And Why

Plants and other oddities: Find out more about the plants and other items for sale through the Triffid Ranch, such as T-shirts and buttons.

Plant Care Sheets: Getting the plant is one thing, and keeping it happy and healthy is another.  The Plant Care Sheets offer preferred light, soil, and water requirements for your new charges.

Calendar and Press: Get schedules for upcoming Triffid Ranch appearances and lectures, as well as previous interviews and articles.

Projects and Observations:  Those outside the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex shouldn't feel left out.  The Triffid Ranch blog contains plenty of observations, discussions, and diatribes, all for free.

Gallery: Besides simply selling plants, the Triffid Ranch also constructs custom arrangements and vivaria on client request.

Who We Are: Want to know what a triffid is?  How about information on the people behind the Triffid Ranch, how to contact them, or copyright and privacy policy information?

Social Media: Addenda to standard Triffid Ranch updates are also available via Facebook, and Twitter.